Quality and safety policy

The LEDESMA office is committed to excellence and continuous improvement of its processes and systems, with the aim of offering its clients quality services and guaranteeing information security. To this end, it has implemented a system for the design, implementation and maintenance of efficient management of accessibility to information, preserving its confidentiality, integrity and availability and minimizing the risks of breaching its security systems.

The scope of our certification is: LEGAL ADVICE SERVICES IN THE REAL ESTATE SECTOR.

Our Policy is based on compliance with the following principles:

  • Keep the integrity of the information, ensuring its accuracy and avoiding its deterioration.
  • Confidentiality, integrity and availability. The information owned and processed by LEDESMA has a very important value for the company itself, as well as for people, private entities and public bodies, so it is essential to protect it. The information is protected against unauthorized access and alteration and is maintained with due confidentiality and integrity. Likewise, it will always be available, allowing authorized access when necessary.
  • Align our goals with the objectives of our clients, in order to achieve satisfied clients and aware of the appropriateness of their choice for LEDESMA
  • Promote the motivation and involvement of staff and guarantee adequate training for the development of their activity and in the measures adopted by LEDESMA for the protection of information security.
  • Promote a Continuous Improvement System that allows us to prevent non-conformities and meet the expectations and requirements of our Clients.
  • Involve all stakeholders in the Information Quality and Security Policy, as well as in the Quality and Security Objectives that we set each year.
  • Facilitate the necessary means for the application of the Quality and Safety Management System in accordance with the specifications established by ISO 9001 and 27001 Standards and the legal requirements applicable to LEDESMA.

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